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Mephistos Journey
Mephistos Journey
Item Number: PA8266




Mephistos Journey

After dinner, the hostess asks you to perform a miracle. You explain the ability of the great mystics to be in two places at one time, and of course, offer proof for such a claim.

You require several items from the hostess, which she provides, the most important being her own deck of playing cards. She thinks of any card in the deck and writes its name on a slip of paper. This paper, her cards and a blank slip are sealed in an envelope.

The hostess hides the package anywhere she wishes; in the attic, the basement or under the stairs. After she returns, the lights are turned out and you begin to take on an eerie glow. Somehow, in your hands is the envelope, and it opens for you. You remove the paper and read what only the hostess knows-the name of her mentally selected card! You then write something on the other slip and put both back in the envelope.

Next, her worn deck of cards appears in your hands (yes the cards she hid moments ago!) and you run through the deck, removing her card and dropping it on the palm of her hand.

The glow fades and the lights are turned on again. The hostess runs to her secret hiding place and retrieves the package. Upon examination, the deck is missing one card, her card! Furthermore, the blank slip of paper sealed in the envelope has a message for your hostess-a message that absolutely proves you found her secret place!

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