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Very Modern Mindreader
Very Modern Mindreader
Item Number: PA8314




Very Modern Mindreader

Richard Osterlind's name has always been associated with strong and practical effects guaranteed to leave a powerful impression on an audience. In this new manuscript, The Very Modern Mindreader and Other Miracles, his first release of completely new material to the magic and mentalism fraternity in over ten years, Osterlind delivers three outstanding effects, ready to go right into your professional repertoire.

The first, The Very Modern Mindreader, takes Annemann and Hewitt's classic routine into the 21st Century. With practical touches developed over thirty years and never before released, Osterlind gives you the power to divine information sealed in envelopes by audience members with no gimmicks whatsoever-in fact, all of the elements may be left with the audience. This is reputation-making material, suitable for all venues from close--up to platform.

The second offering is the Osterlind ESP Card System, a revolutionary new idea for ESP cards, reminiscent of his now-legendary Breakthrough Card System. Although there have been thousands of effects with these cards, there has never been a routine for the basic tests for which they were devised. Osterlind solves this problem with a stack for the ESP deck which looks random, has no exceptions to the rules and is cyclical so that the last card leads back to the first. In addition to allowing you to test your ESP powers according to the cards� instructions, this new stack will open up realms of new effects with these wonderful cards.

The third effect is really two in one. The three-phrase prediction effect has always been a favorite of Osterlind and he�s released a number of these ideas over the years. StenoESP allows you to perform this classic Mental Epic-type effect using nothing but a steno pad and grease pencil. The working is clean, easy and convincing. In addition, Osterlind offers an additional routine that uses slightly different apparatus and streamlines the effect for a quick stage presentation.
Softbound, fully illustrated.

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