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Acrobatic Knot - Daryl
Item Number: SB1470

4 stars


Acrobatic Knot - Daryl

Acrobatic Knot - Daryl

This incredible routine begins when a white knot jumps from a white rope onto a red rope. You further amaze your audience by sliding that knot completely off then visibly tossing it back onto the red rope. For a mind-boggling finish, the knot dissolves right in front of their eyes and becomes a permanently blended white section of the red rope!

Daryl has featured this incredible routine in virtually every show he's performed since 1980!

Can be performed anywhere and everything can be examined!

Includes new thicker ropes, instructions with simple and advanced routines and includes an instructional DVD!!!

*Formerly known as the Jumping Knot of Pakistan. (Daryl's routine for Pavel's Fantastic Knot)

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This routine really can play for all ages. It has become a regular in my Performances. It really is an impressive practical piece of Magic. Like anything, it needs practice to do well. The ropes are very nice and visual. This has become my favorite rope routine. Highly recommended. Yours truly, Magical Entertainer Vincent! Toronto, Canada. - Vincent FULL REVIEW

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