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Fantastic Box
Fantastic Box
Item Number: SB6152

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  <div class="desc">  <h1> <span style="color:red"> Fantastic Box  </span>  </h1>   <p> This is a really fantastic prop! With this box you will be able to make anything you want appear or disappear, as long as it fits in the box. You can use candy, money, jewelry, etc..  <br><br>  Easy to use! Colors vary. <br><br>     </p>    </div>
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I have had fantastic boxes in the past. They eventually wear out cause I use them a lot. I ordered 3 from you. When sliding the boxes open and closed, they "stick" and feel clunky. I tried to put some lube on them to loosen them up with very little help. They are still usable, but just not the best I have had. - Rodney D

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