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Metamorphose by Mickael Chatelain
Metamorphose by Mickael Chatelain
Item Number: SP2858



Metamorphose by Mickael Chatelain

Don't really will miss it!

A spectator selects a card from the pack and, taking care that no one sees the face, places it face-down on the table. The performer removes a felt-tip pen, takes out another random card from the pack and draws a small sketch on the back. The moment of truth has come...the spectator turns over their selected card, it's the two of diamonds. The performer shows his drawing to the audience...and it's completely wrong! But don't worry, the magician holds the card with his drawing on the back by one corner, gives it a flick with his other hand and visually, the drawn sketch morphs into the spectator's selection!

Comes with the very special, hand-made gimmick on Bicycle stock and photo-illustrated instructions.

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