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Ship Deck - JB Magic
Item Number: SP5821

5 stars


Ship Deck - JB Magic

Ship Deck - JB Magic

You claim that you have a prediction.
The 4 aces are removed from a RED deck and placed off to one side.
The spectator is asked to THINK of ANY card, NOT the SUIT just the VALUE.
Lets assume they are thinking of a 4.
Next they are asked to mix the four aces, these are laid out in a row.
Each ace represents a suit, they select any one of the four aces. NO FORCE.
They pick just one ace and that card is used. Lets say they pick hearts.
In a fair manner they 've selected the 4 of hearts.
The SAME deck is spread across the table, face up in the deck there is one card and one card only. It is the 4 OF HEARTS!
The 4 is removed and flipped over it is the ONLY card with a BLUE back in the RED deck!
Sounds & Looks Impossible, NOT with Ship deck!
Instructional DVD Included with special Bicycle Deck.

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With the thousands of packet card effects that have been on the market in past years, I rate this one in the top 1%! So much happens on your close up pad, and I have never had anyone that wasn't blown away with this one. I does require some practice but you will love performing it! - John Petroff

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