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Hot Knife
Hot Knife
Item Number: SP6655




Hot Knife

A quality knife effect using a tried and true principle!

This is a high quality knife that will perform amazing magic! Better quality and just the right size for this effect.

The knife has six different colored spots on both sides. The spectator names a number between one and six. The number is used to find a color on the knife. The spots on the knife magically change color to become totally the selected color! All the other colors have disappeared!


This effect has been around for many years in various forms. By combining the old principles into a quality knife, Rodger Lovins has updated the effect tremendously! Now you have an object that is familiar to the viewers instead of a stick with jewels on it. You also have a quality knife that you can carry in your pocket. When someone says "Show us a trick" You will be ready with Rodger Lovins’ HOT KNIFE!

This is a high quality knife. Perfect size to carry in your pocket! I have carried the same knife in my pocket, every day, for over 12 years!

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