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Chameleon Chest - Viking
Chameleon Chest - Viking
Item Number: TA1673



Chameleon Chest - Viking

Larry Becker is known for his creative genius and when it comes to props like this he's at his best.

The Chameleon Chest will allow you to answer a host of questions provided by the spectators. Imagine having them write 10-15 questions, dropping them in the chest and having one selected at random BY A SPECTATOR. You divine the contents and answer the question WITHOUT touching the billet!

If this sounds impossible, it might be for others, but not for Larry, and not for you if you own this incredible chest. Comes complete with various ideas and routines in manuscript form.

Here's another quickie effect: Any spectator folds one of HIS dollar bills and drops it into the chest. You do not even look at the bill, let alone touch it, yet you divine the serial number as easily as you would read the newspaper.

Viking Mfg. has expertly crafted this chest of select walnut with brass accents. The Chest measures: 8 5/8" x 5 3/8" x 3 5/8" Limited supply;

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