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Card Attack by Alex Lourido
Item Number: TA1720




Card Attack by Alex Lourido

Card Attack by Alex Lourido

A spectator selects a card from the deck, commits it to memory, and then buries it anywhere in the stack. There is no shuffling from this point on. The spectator selects a card, memorizes it, places it back in the deck wherever she wishes, and the deck is placed down on the table. Upon discussing the marvelous new medical benefits that have been made possible through nanotechnology, the magician removes a piece of “Nano-X-Ray Film” from his pocket and hands it out for examination. After receiving it back, he explains the films incredible ability to capture x-ray images of practically any material it comes in contact with, however, there is a catch! “This new technology has not been completely perfected and there is an element of danger involved!” He then places the green film onto the hand of the spectator who made the card selection, to absorb a small sample of DNA. He explains that this is necessary to activate the film. Then, slowly, he lowers the green film over the top of the deck and to everyone's shock and amazement, the identity of the selected card burns its image onto the film -- permanently! As he hands the film out for examination he explains that the film's ability to focus on a single card out of 52, is amazing; however, such a process damages the rest of a perfectly good deck. The magician turns the deck over and fans out the cards to reveal that every card in the deck is now completely blank, except for the selected card, which is unharmed! “As you can see scientists are not prepared to test this on humans yet! And I especially feel sorry for the poor chimpanzee that gets stuck with testing this new product!”

A card is selected and then shuffled back into the deck. Upon placing the deck down on the table, the magician draws everyone's attention to his wallet. He cracks the wallet open to reveal an interesting new piece of technology – Nano X-ray Film! He goes on to explain the shinny green films uncanny ability to take x-ray images of practically any object, using a new revolutionary principle. He removes the film from his wallet and places it down on the deck. Amazingly, and to everyone's astonishment, an image of the selected card slowly develops onto the green film! But Wait, There's More! The magician explains that the image isn't a mere facsimile of the selected card, but actual particles of the card itself, which are being slowly absorbed onto the film! He lifts the film off the deck and in plain view places it back into his wallet, and places the wallet down on the table a few inches from the deck. The magician explains that the microscopic particles are transferring from the selected card to the film, and in a moment the entire process will be complete. After a few moments pass, he picks up the deck and spreads it out so that every card can be seen. He asks a spectator to sift through the deck and locate the selected card. Surprisingly, after a thorough search the selected card is missing! Fairly and in plain view the magician reaches over and picks up his wallet. As he slowly opens it the green film has completely transformed into something else – The Selected Playing Card! “It slowly dematerialized in the deck, then re-materialized onto the special that's real magic!”

Entire trick can be reset in seconds…. No sleight of hand required for either effect…. No rough or smooth cards…. Film resets instantly…. This is not a printing trick or optical illusion, the film actually captures an image that will remain until magician resets…. No switching of any kind…. And amazingly, this technologically advanced set can be added to any ordinary deck at a moments notice!


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