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Postmentalism is impossible to film a standard demo for. The impact hits when your friend is sitting at home! So what I did was I told a handful of working pros (Tom Krzystof, Oz Pearlman, Paul Draper and Morgan Strebler) about the effect, what happens and then I gave them 24 hours to think of a method. Then I gave them a call the next day to chat. The following reactions are from those calls...

Before a major event (football game, election, etc), you offer to make a prediction to one of your friends. However in the interest of security, you don't want to hold on to the prediction yourself, nor do you want your friend to. You offer to mail the prediction in the form of a letter to your spectator's house, using the US Postal Service. In this way, it would be a felony to tamper with it!

You write the prediction, put it in an envelope, address it, put a stamp on it, and hand it to your friend. You then invite him to put the letter in any mailbox in town.

The following day (or whenever the letter happens to arrive), alone at home, your friend's brain will slowly disassemble itself and finally shut down, trying to figure out how you knew.

YES. It's as clean and straight-forward as it sounds. There's absolutely nothing misleading in this description. Get ready to be talked about, this is a reputation maker.

[excerpt from the manuscript

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I've performed many headline predictions in my shows, I've even performed them on the air on the radio, usually with the morning show! I wish I would have had Postmentalism back then!!! I waited forever to order Postmentalism because I was wanting to figure it out on my own, sadly I did not come close. So I finally did order it! I only wish that I would have ordered it earlier!! I'm a working stiff, hypnosis/mentalism, and sometimes have to sit with a potential booker and they want to see something! Well, Postmentalism is the perfect effect to do for that person(s). I recommend buying this effect especially if you ever have to sit with the potential booker! In an age where there are a lot of 'performers' out there, the one who can do a miracle on the spot will get the gig! Postmentalism will knock your potential booker right where it counts! This deliciously clever secret is hidden in plain sight and will never be suspected! You are 'clean' the entire time you're with the person and in the next day or two, this person will know you see the future! I can't recommend Postmentalism enough! This Postmentalism could launch a career!!! With Postmentalism you could launch a church!!! I remember the feeling I would get when I would learn a 'magic secret', sometimes it wasn't so good, but this one left me feeling like I had stumbled onto something very special!!!! Way to go Mr. Stockman! - Guy Bedard

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