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Menta Card Box - Viking

Menta Card Box - Viking
Item Number: TA2137



Menta Card Box - Viking

A spectator shuffles an UNPREPARD deck of cards which is placed by him, face down in a walnut box just large enough to hold it. Box is closed and held by spectator. Performer, standing several feet away names the uppermost card in the box. Box is opened by the spectator and the prediction verified by showing the card to all! The performer now repeats the feat with several more cards, all predictions are 100% correct!

Points to remember: a genuine ungimmicked deck is used, spectator shuffles the cards, no physical forcing or prompting by the performer, no peeks and no questions asked.

Self contained, supplied with all props including Bicycle Deck. Made in typical Viking quality, complete with several routines.

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The item is well made in the Viking quality. But there is a big problem; how to slow down the closing of the lid. Here is the answer: Buy a "Small Cards" Bicycle deck (item number SP4194) and your problem is solved. I can't explain more without exposing the secret, sorry. - Selim Basarir, M. D.

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