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Animal Sense - Alan Wong

Animal Sense - Alan Wong
Item Number: TA2179




Animal Sense - Alan Wong

A Visual & Unique Twist to Classic rubber-band Magic

Close-up Magic routine with a Celebration of Colors!

You, the magician, show various cards with colorful cartoon liked pictures of various animals (Pig, Cat, Dog, Duck, Rabbit, and Turtle) An audience member selects a card at random, and then you can magically reveal the selection in the most creative way…

Using a rubber band, you magically sculpt and transform the rubber-band into the shape of the chosen animal card.

Animal Choice
You invite the audience member to freely select any rubber-band that you have. The rubber band would then transform into the shape of the chosen animal card.

Animal Hopping
You replace the selected animal card into the pack. Next, you take a rubber-band and warp around the pack. Upon your command, a card would hop out of the pack, and is revealed to the spectator's animal card. The rubber-band is removed from the pack and shown that it has transformed into the chosen animal card.

Custom Props All Included! Perform Immediately!

You are supplied complete with custom printed and gimmicked animal picture cards (Our original design), and also ample supply of Special Animal Rubber-bands. To top it all up, there is also an Instructional video explaining all the above effects.

This routine is suitable for walk-around, table hopping, or any close-up presentation. Perform it as a stand alone piece or combine it with your other favorite rubber band effects.

You could also create your original Animal Cards & Rubber-band effects with the props supplied in this package! Enjoy "Animal Sense"!

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