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Cobra Sharpie 2.0 by Mozique

Cobra Sharpie 2.0 by Mozique
Item Number: TA2533



Cobra Sharpie 2.0 by Mozique

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After months of testing and research Mozique has finally released the Cobra Sharpie 2.0 to the magic and mentalism fraternity.

Hidden inside the Cobra Sharpie 2.0 is an extremely powerful utility tool with the following features:

- electronically detect neo-dymium magnets at a range of 1 - 6 inches
- user changable batteries
- discreet vibration unit
- easy to use
- full DVD instructions with routines, maintenance guide and handling tips

The Cobra Sharpie 2.0 is being used by some of the worlds best magicians and mentalists and their comments say it all:

"And who would ever suspect a pen?"
- Gregory Wilson

"Mozique has created a brilliant system that is psychologically invisible. I use it both in close up and on stage. The possibilities are huge."
- Marc Spelmann

"A creative and elegant solution to which-hand, which-cup, which spectator."
- Christopher Taylor

"Received mine today and it looks like... a Sharpie! Just a pen? Or a pen packed with so much gizmo-tronomy that makes it a device that 007 would be proud of. Fantastic!"
- Piers Casmir-Mrowceynski

Complete with Cobra Sharpie 2.0 and full instructional DVD featuring Mozique and Dr. John

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