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Knights Tour Excalibur by Devin Knight

Knights Tour Excalibur by Devin Knight
Item Number: TA2767

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Knights Tour Excalibur by Devin Knight

Now you can do the famed Knight's Tour without any memory work! Do the same effect plus more, as featured by Peter Reveen and Ricky Jay.

Not only that, you can make it entertaining and blow away audiences. Devin Knight has done it again with his new approach to Knight's Tour. You get a whole kit of different versions and methods so you can pick and choose. The best news is that you can master this in 15 minutes after receiving it. Even if you know nothing about chess!

You receive the huge 36" x 36" chess board that can be seen on the largest stages. This is mounted to an upright stand that is included in the price. The chess board has 64 number cards in special pockets that allows for the audience to visibly see and understand what you are doing.

In case you don't know, the object of the Knight's Tour is to move the Knight chess piece so that it goes to each square only once without ever landing on the same square twice. It must be done in 64 moves exactly. A very difficult feat that normally takes months of practice and learning complex formulas.


You explain the Knight's Tour and move quickly to the audience. You then tell them you will do the Knight's Tour and go to every square on the board without landing on the same square twice. HOWEVER, YOU WILL DO IT IN LESS THAN 3 MINUTES OR FORFEIT YOUR ENTIRE SHOW FEE! Now the audience will be interested. Will you lose your show fee or triumph?

Not only that, you tell them you will memorize an entire deck of cards prior to doing the tour and call them out while doing the tour at the same time! You allow the audience to choose the starting square and place a large cut-out Knight piece at the starting position. You pick up the deck of cards, give them a quick shuffle and apparently memorize them. They are handed to anyone to check as you call them out. The stopwatch is started. Starting from the chosen square you quickly move the Knight to the next square removing the number card and inserting the Knight.

By doing this the audience can see the board being cleared. YOU DO THIS AT LIGHTNING SPEED -- EVEN FASTER THAN A REAL EXPERT! In the meantime you are calling off the memorized deck perfectly! In less than 3 minutes you complete the tour and your paycheck is safe!

Important Points:

You receive a 36" x 36" folding chessboard, a 6 foot folding stand to display large chessboard, a 20" x 20" chessboard for use in other variations, templates for the close-up and audience Bingo versions, 36 special chess symbols to use in the free choice effect, 2 sets of 64 number cards for the large stage versions. You also receive a large flat Knight chess symbol that moves along the large board, plus some special star cards to mark the starting point. Special carrying case to hold all of the above is also included. You get Devin Knight's full routines, methods, and secret gimmicks. You will be able to do this trick within 15 minutes after you receive it.

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