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The Revelation - Dean Dill
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The Revelation - Dean Dill

The Revelation - Dean Dill

Someone draws a picture of (any) playing card and that actual card is found to be inside an envelope which has been in plain sight the entire time.

The freely thought of card is actually in the envelope and there is absolutely

• They can think of any card from a deck of 52, including the Joker. There is NO FORCE.
• They can change their mind, right up to the point where they sign the picture.
• The “prediction” envelope is in plain sight BEFORE the effect begins.
• The handling is super clean. There are no suspicious moves.
• The card is seen inside the envelope right before it is POURED DIRECTLY INTO THEIR HAND.  


Matrix Master Dean Dill devastates with a new, exclusive card effect. Now, you can too!

Reviewed by Brad Henderson, Magic Magazine, June 2009

 At the risk of sounding like some of the Internet posts about this product, here is my experience with Dean Dill's latest, Revelation. In May, Richard Garriott and I visited Dean's Shoppe in Glendale, California. Dean performed Revelation for us. I thought Garriott was going to tear his pants reaching for his wallet. My experience was a little more subdued, but equally positive. When Dean performed the effect for me, the moment he dumped the card into my hand, I froze. I did not want to unfold it. To do so would confirm my worst fears. The moment was delicious.

Here's the effect. The magician displays an envelope sealed with a paper clip, and places it in full view. He then asks a spectator to draw his favorite playing card on a piece of paper. Without any false moves, he asks the spectator to remove the paperclip. Inside the envelope is a single folded card. The performer cleanly dumps the card into the audience member's hand. It is the selected card.

Here's what you need to know. From a production standpoint, Dill deserves major kudos. In an era of one-trick DVDs that cost an arm and a leg but still require the purchaser to gather materials and assemble props, Revelation is a heavenly treat. Dill supplies everything, fully assembled. All you need to do is read the instructions and practice the trick. And it will require practice, along with an understanding of timing. The effect is not self-working. However, with some effort, you will have a miracle on your hands.

Many of the Internet posts hyping this effect include lists of endorsements from prominent magicians who state (or at least strongly imply) that they were all fooled by the trick. This is the danger of hyping something online, because it gives a false sense of expectation  to the potential purchaser. I will add that these posts were not made by Dean Dill, but by overzealous friends. The truth is that if you are well versed in magic, you will know what had to happen in order for the trick to work. Let's face it, this is a trick, not witchcraft. What makes Revelation so juicy is the fact that even if you know what had to happen, you see nothing. You will not suspect, let alone detect anything.

One facet of the method is simply brilliant, and smart performers will employ it elsewhere. And the handling and structure further the greatness of this trick. Dill performed it multiple times for Garriott and myself, encouraging us to play “guess the method.”  Even on repeat viewings, you don't see “it” happen when it happens. That's why I did not want to unfold the card. To do so would have confirmed that I'd been bushwhacked. I was, and the feeling was great.

Having performed this many times as an alleged “psychological test,” I will confess only one disappointment. Revelation is so clean, some laypeople don't view it as a trick. They think it's a demonstration of real psychological ability. How is that a problem? Well, enlightened performers realize it's not. But every now an then, a certain feeling creeps up on me. You know the one – you spent  years on an invisible pass and you perform it perfectly and no one notices a thing. That's the way it's supposed to be, right? Definitely. But c'mon, how about a little recognition for my effort?

I now feel privileged to give Dean Dill a modicum of recognition for his effort. A lot of thinking went in to creating Revelation. Dabblers will rationalize that “it's just this and just that” and, in doing so, they'll miss the point. This is a finely crafted, brilliantly conceived piece of magic theater. If my review of this effect reveals one thing to potential customers, it should be this: your magic friends will be fooled and your lay audiences will be devastated by it.

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