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Fish Appear
Item Number: TA5433




Fish Appear

Fish Appear

This has amazed everyone we have shown it to. It has amazed them even more when they were shown the secret. Magician's couldn't believe the bowl was not empty. Now you don't even need fish!

Effect: Show a small fishbowl full of water. It can be resting on your table or in your hand. Toss any silk handkerchief or other cloth over the bowl. Remove the handkerchief, and one or more live goldfish are seen swimming in the water.

You can perform this effect anytime during your act, since the fish remain safe and comfortable in their hiding place for hours if necessary.

Included is a special fake fish that floats in the fishbowl in case you do not want to fiddle with the real thing. You also get the bowl, gimmick and instructions.

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