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Twilite Floating Bulb - MagicSmith
Item Number: TA5642




Twilite Floating Bulb - MagicSmith

Twilite Floating Bulb - MagicSmith

The floating light bulb is a classic grand stage illusion that has mesmerized audiences for years. Vitelli's Twilite Floating Bulb is a dynamic miniature version that fits right in the palm of your hand. What’s more, it all happens inches from their faces.

Introduce a tiny light bulb - it's about the same size as peanut. Make some magical passes over the bulb and it mysteriously blinks to life - this psychic lighting is doubly impressive because of the sheer intensity of the light. It's hard to believe so much light can come from such a tiny bulb.

They get a genuine shiver down their spines when you command the bulb to sloooowly stand on the center of your palm. . . still lit!

By now they’ll think they’ve seen it all, but it’s all been a lead-up to the fantastic finale. . . you cause Twilite to rise off your hand and take flight!

The majesty of the lit bulb soaring is breathtaking - make sure to watch the attached video. Since you’re in total control, Twilite will levitate until you want it to descend to your hand as smoothly and slowly as it left. It then lays down on your palm and concludes its astonishing performance with “lights out” before it goes back into your pocket all set for its next performance.

The Twilite Floating Bulb can be performed anywhere - surrounded. It comes complete with the custom manufactured Twilite mini bulb, batteries, instructions plus accessories.

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