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Perfect Match - Ickle Pickle
Perfect Match - Ickle Pickle
Item Number: TA5645



Perfect Match - Ickle Pickle

You have a set of 13 cards. The Key Card reads MAGIC SHOW NOW IS HAPPENING. These are the 5 words that will spelled by YOU and your selected spectator. The remaining 12 cards are divided evenly between you and your spectator, 6 each face down. Whoever says a letter in the word being spelled has to move the top card in their pile to the bottom. When the word is finished both top cards of each pile are turned over and they will both match! Same color! Same phrase!

What's baffling is that no matter who spells a letter and moves a card from top to bottom, when the word is completed the cards will match. Yes, even if one person spells the whole word. The cards will be a PERFECT MATCH!

Comes with 13 large (7" x 10") plastic cards and instruction sheet.

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