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The Mysterious Puzzle of The Missing Dollar Bill

The Mysterious Puzzle of The Missing Dollar Bill
Item Number: TA5855



The Mysterious Puzzle of The Missing Dollar Bill

A famous puzzle is brought to life with this simple-to-do and highly entertaining routine which seems to defy logic!

"Three diners finish their meal. The waiter says the check is $30, so each guest pays $10. Later the waiter realizes the check should only be $25.

To rectify this, the waiter returns a dollar bill to each of the three diners and they give the final $2 to the waiter, as a tip for his honesty.

Now that each diner has been given $1 back, each has paid $9, taking the total paid to $27. Add to that the $2 tip they gave to the waiter and the total is $29.

If the guests originally paid $30, where did the missing dollar go?"

After the above puzzle has been told the magician explains that maybe it would be easier to work out what happens to the final dollar if he uses real money as he tells the story.

That being said he clearly shows $30 and with actions to match the story, the money is re-counted and bizarrely a real one dollar bill is missing!

A final bill is added to once again total $30. The spectators confirm there are definitely $30. Once more the process is repeated and astonishingly the result is the same. A bill disappears!

A true mystery which seems unexplainable and one which they can retell and enjoy long after you have parted.

Inspired by Daryl's original routine 'A Puzzling Bill Vanish' and released with his blessing.

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