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Item Number: TA6118





Performer displays a round solid steel key ring in one hand and an ordinary house key in the other hand. The only way the key can be placed on the ring is to wind it around the spiral of the steel. The performer simply touches the key to the ring and visibly the key is linked on the ring. The spectator is asked to pull on the key to prove it is actually linked on the ring. IT IS! The magician now causes the key to visibly melt off the ring. The ring and key are once again shown. Again the key is touched to the ring and again it visibly links on the ring! Immediately hand out everything for inspection. They will find nothing. LINK-KEY is one of the most visual solid through solid effects done with ordinary props. Instant reset, no pulls, no magnets, great for table hopping, easy to learn, complete with solid steel key ring, solid brass key, and that special something!

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