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Suit Yourself - Mark Jenest

Suit Yourself - Mark Jenest
Item Number: TA6418



Suit Yourself - Mark Jenest

Four court cards are placed face down on a table. A spectator names their favorite card by suit. When the packet of cards is spread, the spectator's chosen card turns face up! The other three cards are then shown to be blank!

The cards are replaced face down and a second spectator names their favorite suit. The cards are spread once again and the second spectator's card turns face up! When the remaining cards are turned over, they are blank again! The first spectator's selection has completely vanished!

You receive everything needed to perform "Suit Yourself" with either Jacks, Queens, or Kings.

The cards you receive may be different than those pictured, but they will be court cards. And remember, any suit can be named and shown as the only card in the packet.

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