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Puncture 2.0 by Alex Linian
Item Number: TA6489

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5 stars


Puncture 2.0 by Alex Linian

Puncture 2.0 by Alex Linian

When PUNCTURE first hit the streets it was the single most astonishing Pen-through-Coin that anyone had ever experienced. Thousands of performances later, Alex has taken the Puncture handling to the 2.0 level of extreme puncture-proof joy!

A BORROWED QUARTER held at your fingertips is VISIBLY PUNCTURED by a normal pen...leaving it shish-ka-bobbed onto the pen. The borrowed coin is in FULL VIEW as the pen tip contacts the coin. The visual illusion is 100% oh-my-god perfect.

But NOW you can immediately RESTORE THE COIN! It remains in full view at your fingertips and INSTANTLY HEALS as the pen is pulled out! The normal coin and pen can immediately be handed to the spectator.

The borrowed quarter can even be INITIALED by the spectator!
Puncture 2.0 includes a variety of handlings for every skill level... PLUS:

You decide to puncture a DIFFERENT solid object and bravely jam the pen deep into your BODY to PUNCTURE AND RESTORE YOUR OWN FLESH! You and the pen can immediately be examined.

It's the PERFECT 2.0 KICKER! This custom engineered gimmick is always ready to go. Nothing to palm, add or get rid of.

PUNCTURE 2.0: Complete with special new Puncture pen and expanded easy-to-learn instructions.

Special Thanks To The Todd Gasparik Engineering Team.

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the best pen thru coin you can get. very well made gimmick, a variety of penetrations, gets great reactions. I use this trick all the time. it takes some practice but once you have it down and you are comfortable doing it your going to love doing it. people can't believe you just punctured their coin with a pen. there's also different ways to restore the coin. great effect, get it you won't regret it. - Diaz

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