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Animal Racing
Animal Racing
Item Number: TA6500



Animal Racing

You dreamed of jumbo cards for your children's shows, and now they're here!

Cards on which you will find colorful jungle animals with which you can make at least four routines and even more if you know how to show a little imagination.

The routines are described in video on a DVD that is included in the kit.

Noah's Ark: Animals are shown in pairs and mixed. The cards are separated between the magician and the spectator. They then completely at random and two cards together. Finally all cards are reclassified in pairs!

Tiercé animals:
A race is held among all the animals to know who runs the fastest. The cards have been mixed but the magician has predicted the entire order of the race!

Predicting the ball:
An animal is chosen at random by a child. The magician takes out his prediction is actually a ball. The magician then sculpt an animal, the animal chosen!

Elephants Can Remember:
The elephant find the animal that has been freely chosen by the spectator!

What you will receive:
# 1 box containing your DVD and maps.
# 1 dvd explanations in French and English routines described above.
# 2 sets of 8 animal cards (A5)

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