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Pop Art by Mark Southworth
Item Number: TA6522

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Pop Art by Mark Southworth

Pop Art by Mark Southworth

Imagine you have an ordinary sketch pad that has a picture of a pack of cards on one of the pages.

You flip the pad and the pack of cards jumps out of the sketch pad and into your hands! No, you are not imagining it, this is Pop Art.

You can perform this effect close up or on stage. The impact is so visual people will never forget it.

Do you regularly use a deck of cards? Perform this before any card effect to make the deck you are using appear the Pop Art way!

Or, you can draw a pack of cards onto a page in the sketch pad, then have that very same pack of cards jump out from the pad!

Fantastic - you’re ready to go…

What else can you do? It’s up to you and your imagination.

Pop Art is:

You supply your own deck of cards – Pop Art does the rest.

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