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Spirit Lights

Spirit Lights
Item Number: TA6717



Spirit Lights

The amazing new Houdini Spirit Lights are probably one of the most visual and act enhancing props that you can have in your magic arsenal!

Geno Munari has taken the concept of lights at the fingertips to a new level. Now you can show your hands front and back and wiggle your fingers. Then start producing light at the finger tips. The magician can make the point of light appear out of thin air, move the point of light around, pass the point of light from one hand to another and then make the point of light disappear as quickly as it appeared. Anyone can easily do this effect, with little or no skill required and the device can be custom fitted on your finger that will allow some amazing effects that cannot be done with any other device.

Two (2) light gimmicks.
A booklet that includes 25 tips, tricks and more.

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