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Imperial Coins

Imperial Coins
Item Number: TA6953



Imperial Coins

The Imperial Coins set consist of four regular black Chinese coins as well as an extra special Chinese coin. Using the special Imperial coin along with the other Chinese coins you can accomplish some amazing effects. The booklet will teach you 50 tricks and coin sleights you can use with your Imperial Coins set. With a little practice, you will be able to destroy your spectators with impossible coin magic!

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Great value, here, especially for beginner to intermediate magicians! This is a coin set with enough starter material for a FULL CLOSE-UP COIN ACT! You can not go wrong at this price! - Nicholas Young

- the concept for the imperial coins has been around forever...its a great effect. the problem I had with this set is that the shell did not fit comfortably over the other coins.i think some one at the factory needs to check and make sure the shell fits all coins.also the paint job on the shell was not very good. - Gerald G.

I ordered Imperial Coins, as variation of coins across that I usually do with quarters. I did not assume that these were going to be Johnson quality coins, but at least functional and visually interesting. The main problem with this set is that the shell-which is the CENTRAL modus operandi of the effect-did not work consistently. In other words, the shell will sometimes get stuck on a particular coin, which truly screws up the flow of the routine. I had to find some delicate remedies for this, and nearly sent them back to Magic Warehouse. The other problem is that some of the coins seem to have glue on them-the enamel was good on some, but the othershad to be cleaned of the 'mysterious substance' with goo-gone. The red coin that came with the set is perfect, more so than the finish on the black coins. What amazes me these days, is all of the trouble taken by a company like Trickmaster to produce, market, and distribute an effect, that does not work the way it should. I have much higher regard for companies who consistently produce quality props THAT WORK, but are not necessarily marketing them all over the universe. I may still drop a note to Trickmaster suggesting that they do some quality control. Magic can be a pretty expensive endeavor, and there are still propsaround that are well made, work, but don't cost a fortune. These coins are decently priced, but again-the thing has got to work. Considering just how long coin shells have been around, I wish that Trickmaster would actually produce a coin set with shell that actually works the way it must work. It's not rocket science, you know? - Thomas Sciacca

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