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Cuff Links - Harry Anderson
Cuff Links - Harry Anderson
Item Number: TA7216




Cuff Links - Harry Anderson

Cuff Links is the best routine Harry Anderson ever developed. It has everything. Lots of Magic. Brilliant use of audience participation. Hilarious situation comedy. And a big finish. Not to mention handcuffs and flaming money!

Cuff Links is actually two of Harry's routines woven into one great piece of entertainment. In the first routine, Buffalo Bill, Harry invites a lady on stage and hands her the Big Finish envelope. Then, he borrows two Five Dollar hills from two different gentlemen. He places the bills together and tears them in half. Each spectator gets to keep one half of their bill as a receipt. Taking a lighter, Harry accidentally sets the remaining two bill-halves on fire. They go up in a brilliant flash! Now, Harry brings out his wallet which bursts into flames! He quickly puts it away. The lady is now instructed to tear open the sealed envelope. There, inside, are two halves of two Five Dollar bills. Of course, the two halves exactly match the ones held by the two spectators!

All of which brings us to Cuff Links. Harry borrows the four Five Dollar bill-halves back from the gentlemen. For some reason they give the money to him! The lady is instructed to tear the four pieces in half. She does. Harry takes the eight pieces and changes them into a real Ten Dollar bill! He then tears the ten in half and tries to give each spectator one half. They laugh and say "NO!" OK. So, he puts the two fives in a wallet and hands it to the lady to hold. She is not to let go of the wallet no matter what! Now, Harry snaps a set of genuine Smith and Wesson Handcuffs onto his own wrists. Suddenly, his arms and the lady's arms are linked together!

The fun begins. They try and unlink. She puts her head through his arms. He slides all the way to the floor. He puts ones foot between his arms. Suddenly, his hands are cuffed between his legs. He steps through with his other foot. Finally, they are unlinked! The lady is asked to open the wallet. Inside, she finds two Five Dollar Bills! Wow!! Harry brings one of his hands around to the front. There is one manacled hand dangling from his other wrist! He returns the bills to the spectators. He thanks the lady and sends her back to her seat. And, he bows to tremendous applause!

Cuff Links is an unbelievable routine. Truly a reputation maker. It comes with the special Handcuffs; The Locking Himber Wallet; The Fake Hand and The Full Routine. Supply your own Flash Bills and Hot Wallet.

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