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Boston Box -  Half Dollar - Jim Zee
Boston Box - Half Dollar - Jim Zee
Item Number: TA7354




Boston Box - Half Dollar - Jim Zee




The most obvious difference is the quality of the product. Quality is the main ingredient in Jim's work ethics. Jim realizes that a product that meets the expectations of his customers will only generate new customers. Jim would rather spend the time and effort into making the coin boxes right, to the specifications of his individual customers, than to spend money on advertisement. Why not, his products speak for themselves! Just seeing one of his products at work is a thing of beauty, you will want to pick it up and feel for yourself.

He has studied the coin box and understands what it takes to make a classic prop. Having studied under one of the greatest coin men ever, Slydini; Jim knows just a few things about magic and what makes magic work.

His competitors will not refer to him because when put to the test their products just don't match up. A sterling testimony to how good Jim's products really are.


Anyone serious about their coin work! If you want names, here are some that I know that use Jim's boxes:

The anatomy of a coin box is a mystery to most magicians. This explanation will help you make a far more educated purchase for your money. The first thing you will probably not get is a box that is all shiny looking. Brass tarnishes very quickly unless they were recently made and they will probably have a dull finish. There is one other way it will be shiny and that is if they are lacquered. "DON'T BUY A LACQUERED BOX". When the box starts to get used the lacquer starts to chip and then the whole box looks worse than you can imagine.

The next thing you should look for is the wall thickness of both the box and the cover. Most boxes are made with walls so thin that the first time you drop it the side of the box or the cover will end up with a bend in it that will make it very difficult to use at best. Do not buy a box with thin walls unless you are going to put it on a shelf and admire it.

One more very important part to look for is how the cover fits on the box. If the cover fits too tight, then the "moves needed" to do successful routines will be hard, if not impossible, to do. Buy a box that the cover has room to move on so that routines can be accomplished in a professional manner.

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