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Latex Shovel
Latex Shovel
Item Number: TA7543



Latex Shovel

You will receive a full routine that can be presented in different ways, spoken or musical routine and comedy or serious presentation.

A possibility of presentation is shown in the demonstration video (comedy magic): you show a paper bag, explaining that on the inside, there is a tool from a hardware shop as a prediction. Then the magician starts to show many pictures that illustrates various articles from the hardware store: I.E.: hammer, pliers, drill, chain, brush, etc. Gives the nylon bag containing the pictures to the spectator and ask her to mix freely. Then ask the spectator to take a picture and to name the article aloud, so to the entire audience can hear it. Spectators will start laughing because the chosen picture is a shovel, because it is not possible that a shovel actually could be located on the inside of a small bag. Then the magician appears to be confused because of the laughter. Then you take the bag, and after a few magic passes, you produce a shovel of 63 inches, similar to those you see at most hardware stores.

There is another possibility in the outcome of this routine is taking from the bag a small shovel at first, like a beach toy and seeing that does not look like to the photograph, produces the big one.

The grip is made of plastic and as is detailed, in order to be able to throw it to the floor unintentionally (intentionally) or hit it with a fist near the microphone or making it sound like a real shovel. This will increase the strength of the image of a real shovel.

You receive everything you need to start making this routine: Latex apparition shovel, paper bag, special transparent forcing bag, 24 full color pictures, and instructions step by step with pictures in full color in Spanish and English.

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