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Hot & Cold Pipe
Hot & Cold Pipe
Item Number: TA7775

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Hot & Cold Pipe

The crazies are out pompoms many demonstrations have become indispensable. Those who have already shown to an audience knows about the effectiveness of the effect, also fits the story, there is entertainment and amazement at the highest level. Now we have an old "thing" newly built and realized technically perfect, but in a bizarre execution so that chained at the first sight of the attention: The Pompomstäbe as line pipe, each with a faucet at the end and two drain plugs! The effect in a nutshell: From the water pipe left hanging out a short cord, it secured below a rubber stopper on top of the pipe a pearl. right, on a long cord also plugs and pearl. If the pearl on the long string is pulled upwards, including the following plug hanging up. The proof: Pearl and plugs are connected by the cord. On the short side is doing nothing! The magician pulls on the short plugs, because the line is getting longer, while the plug on the other side moves up and the cord is shortened. Quite clear: The two plugs are connected. However, now is the pearl of the long string is pulled upwards, we see that are clearly associated the pearl and the stopper. We considered only on a short rope to the top gem follows, more or less on the cross, the plug on the other side with the long string! Are these two connected about? Analogous to the presentation (we supply a total of two different ones!) They drive the game on the top, so that the viewers totally confused. Finally, you pull apart the pipe and show that in general there is no connection between the plugs. Not enough of the confusion? Yes then you simply plug the pipe back together and start the game from the beginning! We supply the staff in a perfect craftsmanship, the metal tube, of course. The function is typically Future Magic, unsurpassed and practical! These two lectures, one of which tells us what can happen as a magician in hotel pools like the other brand currently on debt crisis and bailout. Here are the politicians finally learn that before you pull the money supply, only prevent the outflow in order for the coal is there!

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