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Boretti Sensor Box - Germany
Boretti Sensor Box - Germany
Item Number: TA7858



Boretti Sensor Box - Germany

An artful piece of magic that covers all elements of entertainment. Pure comedy, visuality, interaction, and - surprise.

An attractively decorated box (33x20x18 cm) is presented. The front is closed with a slide, open the back, on one side is a hole. This finger hole is made so that you reach into it, but can not see inside!

The magician puts an object into the box. A spectator to reach into the box and describe by "touch" the what the item might be.

"The object is soft with large pores, etc. It must, therefore, be a sponge."

The slide is opened and out falls - a huge pebble! "But they have a good feeling," says the magician as he opened the box with slide shows the inside is empty.

The spectator touches the second item describes it and decides: "It is a soft and pliable. is it a rope."

The box opens and you see: It's a piece of barbed wire!

A deck of cards is placed in the box after one has been chosen and replaced. The spectator is asked to reach into the box and blindly take a card out.

It is of course the spectators freely chosen card!

Borettis Sensor Box is unique!

We provide beautiful, very decorative box and Boretti's multipage routine with lots of additional ideas. Of course, some "feeling Examples" and the playing cards are included so that you can really show off the matter immediately.

In addition and as a bonus you will get a special routine for the children's show.

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