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Shimpossible Deck
Shimpossible Deck
Item Number: TA7905




Shimpossible Deck

Tired of buying Shim Cards one or two at a time for $10 each? Now you can have a complete deck of 52 Shimmed Cards at one low bulk price. Red or Blue, your choice! This Shimpossible Deck is perfect for all PK effects requiring a ferromagnetic card. Use them as a replacement card for Lethal Tender or combine them with Steel Core Coins for a killer Matrix routine. These cards will pass casual inspection, their power limited only by your imagination. Instead of buying a new Shimmed Card every time you need to perform some amazing PK magic, grab one from The Shimpossible Deck's army of professional-grade Shim Cards and go to work. Made in the USA from genuine USPCC card stock. The Shimpossible Deck is made from paper-thin ferromagnetic material between two cards, 52 Shimmed Cards packaged in two card boxes (the tricks are up to you). If you own a magic shop, buy a complete deck and sell them one by one. Mission Shimpossible, now shimply amazing!

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