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NOSTRADAMUS by Ori Ashkenazy

NOSTRADAMUS by Ori Ashkenazy
Item Number: TA8090



NOSTRADAMUS by Ori Ashkenazy

Magician gives a spectator two cards, one has a few words written on it, the other is a window card with a red filter in it. He tells the spectator this is a coded prediction. The spectator shuffles a deck of cards and selects a card from it. When he looks thru the decoder at the senseless words, he now sees the name of a card written very clearly. The chosen card is turned over and proves the prediction correct. This would have been a nice effect all by itself but… This is just the biginning… The magician asks the spectator to insert the code card anywhere in the pack. The deck is separated at that point and the card below is taken out. The chosen card is dramatically turned over but it is a different card. The magician is upset and tells the spectator that Nostradamus can’t make mistakes. Amazingly, when the prediction is read once more with the decoder it has changed to suit the new chosen card. The trick resets automatically, it is self working and very easy to do.

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