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Kinetica by Sean Fields
Item Number: TA8168

3 stars


Kinetica by Sean Fields

Kinetica by Sean Fields

Telekinesis. Mind over matter. Whatever you call it, the ability to manipulate matter with nothing more than a thought has captivated and fascinated audiences around the world.

Kinetica is a collection of three telekinetic demonstrations from the mind of Sean Fields and presented by Criss Angel.

Kinetic Coin - A borrowed quarter visually warps and bends as you stroke it with your finger. One of the most unorthodox methods for bending a coin you will ever see!

Kinetic Bill - The classic self folding bill illusion, with a borrowed bill! Sean's handling is simple, direct, and elegant.

Kinetic Ring - Poetry in motion. After placing your ring into your palm, it slowly stands up and rotates above your hand before suddenly stopping and falling back into your palm. Finally, the ring literally flies back onto your finger! This effect is so powerful it will be featured in Criss' next television special.

Shot on location in Las Vegas, Sean walks you step by step through the illusions, from preparation to performance, ensuring you know the subtleties and details of each effect.

Comes complete with the gimmicks you will need to start manipulating matter immediately.

This is Kinetica.

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When I first bout this trick I expected something totally different. I mainly use the kinetic bill because the kinetic coin isn't angle proof and I usually don't wear a ring. If you have the criss angel ULTIMATE magic kit you already have the gimmick. But in the end I think that this is an amazing trilogy and I would recommend it to any magician looking for a good trick. - Nico H

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