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Tricky The Fox
Item Number: TA8187

3 stars


Tricky The Fox

Tricky The Fox

The key to making Tricky the Fox come alive is all about your handling. The special design of this Fox allows for the most life like performances... Included with your Fox is a teaching DVD. You will learn a variety of tricks and moves that will keep your audience laughing! Tricky will eat from your hand, scurry up your body, kiss on the cheek, bite your finger, dance around and more!

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This is an excellent first spring puppet if you're just learning how to use one, and the teaching dvd that it comes with is indispensable! That being said, while the look of the puppet is very detailed (especially the eyes!), I find the overall quality to be lacking compared to other ones such as the original Rocky the Raccoon. The fur on the nose of mine has already started to rip off after about a week of practicing with it (nothing a little super glue can't fix), and the spring feels sort of cheaply constructed in my opinion. Overall I'd give this product 3/5 Stars. Jason B

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