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Deal Of Fortune - John Cornelius

Deal Of Fortune - John Cornelius
Item Number: TA8285




Deal Of Fortune - John Cornelius

A very hard to find vintage item from the early 1990's. John Cornelius has given the magic world some of the most innovative and amazing effects of the late 20th century. This made all of us magicians very happy! But he was also came out with some really fun and entertaining routines that made lay audiences very happy, too! Deal of Fortune was one of his best commercial routines, and was immediately popular when it came out in 1994. But it Cornelius stopped offering it shortly afterward, maybe because the high quality gimmicked wallet and laminated cards were expensive to produce... Whatever the reason, for the last ten years or so, this trick has been highly sought after, and rarely up for sale.

The effect is this: Six numbered cards, 1 through 6, are laid out on the table. The spectator is given two dice and she is asked to roll them. Whatever numbers are uppermost on the dice indicate which cards can be removed. For example, she rolls a two and a five. The magician picks up card #2 and card # 5, and also reads the back of the cards, revealing which prizes the spectator will not win. (The prizes are funny, and add to the entertainment of the game-show style routine). Finally, only one card remains on the table. The spectator is now asked if she wants what is behind the card, or behind the "secret door", whch is another yellow card inside the wallet. No matter what the spectator chooses (free choice), the other choice is shown to be $100 in cash! So what did she win by her free selection? The card is turned over and reveals that she won a Kiss from the magician!

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