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Poison by Quique Marduk
Item Number: TA8462



Poison by Quique Marduk

Poison by Quique Marduk

The magician shows four fabric bags standing on the table and explains that each bag is covering a glass and three of them have water, while only one contains poison, a very dangerous poison...

A member of the audience will decide which one has the poison, and the performer promises to drink the contents of the other three glasses.

Then, he asks a spectator to choose the bag he thinks is covering the glass with poison. It's a free selection.

The magician removes the other bags and drinks, one by one, the transparent water in each glass.
When he removes the one that the participant has chosen, the contents are seen to be boiling, like acid or poison!

This new version of the classic "Acid test" trick is completely safe and comes with a DVD with performances, explanations and 2 EXTRA BONUS routines: "Water over the head" and "The bet".

Includes all the necessary props.

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