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Visions from Vegas by Steven Gore
Item Number: TA8489

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Visions from Vegas by Steven Gore

Visions from Vegas by Steven Gore

Imagine that a travel guide book is chosen, and each page is shown to be different.

You introduce a postcard and insert it into the travel guide and demonstrate how in a few moments time the spectator is going to arrive at 3 random words.

You explain that you are going to predict their future word choices by simply asking them a few random questions.

Whilst you are asking the questions you write 3 prediction words on the back of your business card. These words are unseen to the audience and are placed face down on the table.

The postcard is once again inserted into any page by the spectator, they even choose the left or right page. 3 different words are fairly chosen in the same manner as before.

Once the words have been chosen by the spectator and named out loud, they turn over the business card to reveal your predictions were correct.

"If I did walkabout magic, this would probably be my mental effect of choice"
- John Archer

"The method is just as clever as the effect."
- Gregory Wilson

Includes full instructions, video links, 2 bonus postcards and 2 specially printed books (only 1 needed for a performance).

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