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Grumble Glim by Nathan Kranzo
Item Number: TA8719

1 stars


Grumble Glim by Nathan Kranzo

Grumble Glim by Nathan Kranzo

For over 600 years Magicians and gamblers have used the glim.

The glim is a secret device used for glimpsing playing cards. The glim is sacred.

Now imagine a glim that is hidden in plain sight. It will never be detected let alone suspected. Glimpse any and every card in the deck at a moments notice. You can also glimpse words and/or pictures drawn by people.

An amazing tool for the Magician and Mentalist

Men have died over this gimmick.

Use it wisely.

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The grumble glim is an extremely cheap gimmick. You have to make it your self.The reflective surface in it is so cheap you cant see a thing. I liken it to a fun house mirror in that it distorts everything and anything it reflects. This was the worst gimmick I have ever bought period.Anyone who buys this should be aware that it is not useful and cannot be used it is so cheap and shawdy. - Michelle Pearce

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