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Omni-pad by Mark Zust

Omni-pad by Mark Zust
Item Number: TA9066


Omni-pad by Mark Zust

OmniPad by Mark Zust, the Perceptionist

OmniPad is an incredibly versatile device for magicians and mentalists. It's easy to use, built to last, can be refilled with plain paper and uses no chemicals, electronics, or anything that can break or fail during performance. Included is a full-color, 20-page e-manuscript with detailed handling instructions, tips and effects.

Here are just a few of the effects possible with OmniPad:

A "Confabulation" style prediction where the audience creates a fictional television show (or theater play, movie, etc.) complete with plot, title, location and actors. The suggestions are written on various colored post-it notes and selected at random by audience members. The performer's prediction, in full view the entire time, is opened by a spectator to reveal a full color poster with the exact same title imagined by the audience, complete with photos of the featured actors and the named location.

The Bourne Impossibility
A devious and foolproof revelation using a choice of three Jason Bourne paperbacks by Robert Ludlum. A spectator simply thinks of a random page number of their choosing (they never name it out loud) and you reveal the essence of what they just read! This can be revealed verbally, in writing, or as a drawing. The paperbacks are ungaffed and can be given out as souvenirs.

Serial Killer
A super easy serial number divination. Borrow one or more dollar bills. Place the bills on a page of the OmniPad and hand it to a spectator to choose a bill. You immediately describe what state the bill was printed, then name the entire serial number. And the spectator keeps the bill!

Super Fan
Have several people write random sports scores (bowling, basketball, baseball, etc.) then pass the sheet from the OmniPad (initialed by an audience member) to another spectator who adds up the scores. The total matches your sealed prediction, which is a photo of a scoreboard with the correct final score.

Remote Viewing
A spectator draws or writes anything (an object, name, numbers, abstract shape, etc.) and you immediately duplicate it.

OmniPad comes with the special pad that does all the work, a detailed full color e-manuscript for the above routines, easy care instructions and more. Best of all, the OmniPad is so functional and innocent looking that you can use it casually in all your routines so that it becomes "invisible" in your audience's mind.

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