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Jumpink by Rizki Nanda
Item Number: TA9197

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Jumpink by Rizki Nanda

Jumpink by Rizki Nanda

Move permanent ink on a pack of gum!

Rizki Nanda from Indonesia is a true underground gem. He contacted us and shared a secret with us. This secret allows you to do an incredibly visual effect: move permanent ink on a pack of gum. For the last few weeks, we have been looking for the perfect material for this effect. We found it, and started streamlining and road testing it. Now we are finally happy to announce: JumpINK is almost ready to be shipped to your door.

Imagine this: you borrow a pack of gum from your spectator. You (or the spectator) draw a big bold X on one of the compartments. You then take this pack of gum, and with no cover at all, cause that mark to visibly jump to an other compartment. One by one, it travels across the whole pack, to end up on the top. You then give the pack back to your spectator, and they can examine it as long and as thorough as they wish; they won't find anything.

Key points to remember:

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