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Item Number: TA9234




Moveo is arguably one of the most deceptive and baffling effects of this genre yet is based on a very simple methodology.

A normal, examinable Sharpie is placed on top of a narrow necked bottle (beer or wine bottles are perfect) yet will move and spin eerily when you bring your empty hand towards it, eventually causing it to fall off the bottle. It will even move when there is no apparent movement of your hand but you only bring it in proximity to the Sharpie.

Moveo solves many of the problems of existing PK Sharpies such as noise, impreciseness of set-up and unnaturally responsive movement yet offers some benchmark characteristics of its own. Moveo offers the following features:

It uses no threads. It uses no moving liquids. It uses no static electricity. It uses no air or blowing to cause movement. Your hands can be shown empty back and front, before, during and after the effect. You can remove any rings and watches. You sleeves can be rolled up. The pen is examinable and is a working Sharpie. Comes complete with gaffed Sharpie and instruction sheet.

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