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The Tailor & The Giant

The Tailor & The Giant
Item Number: TA9259



The Tailor & The Giant

A "New", a sensational piece of Magic for children and adults with a three-phase routine!

The magician asks a boy to help him and tells a story of the tailor and the giant. The giant had a big hole in his sock, he wanted to thread the giant needle. The needle and a ribbon are shown, which is wound on a spool.

The magician begins a small competition to see who can thread the needle into the ribbon the fastest! The boy creates it in no fewer than 10 seconds, which is sensational. The ribbon is pulled out of the eye of the needle.

The needle is pushed through the center hole in the spool of thread and when removed, it is seen to have penetrated the ribbon within a split second and is threaded on even though the children were holding the ribbon from each end.

The Needle is shown to be able to pass thru the ribbon several times before the effect is concluded.

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