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Psychic Cards by G. Sama
Item Number: TA9693



Psychic Cards by G. Sama

Psychic Cards by G. Sama

Effect: The performer shows five ESP cards. The cards are totally black with white symbols. The spectator mixes the cards face down, so no one can know the order of the symbols. The squared packet is placed on the hand of the performer and then covered with a small whiteboard. The performer tries to perceive the order of the symbols and he writes them on the small whiteboard. Then the cards are turned over, one by one, and they are in the same order revealed by the performer. At the end the audience can control everything!

With these special cards, the performer will also be able to read the chosen symbol in the mind of the spectator! In addition, with the "Psychic Cards" you can present all the effects that generally are performed using the usual symbols ESP.

The fully illustrated 28-page booklet includes 3 routines and many ideas of presentation.

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