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Geneva Watch - Collectors Workshop
Geneva Watch - Collectors Workshop
Item Number: TB1473



Geneva Watch - Collectors Workshop

The Original Geneva Prediction Watch by Collectors' Workshop; a mental miracle of the first class.

The effects provided by the original Stull watch are staggering but alas the unit was a nightmare to maintain and no longer available. The original can be found in the collections of a chosen few and valued as a true collectable.

Now, Collectors' Workshop has not only duplicated the original effect but improved upon it by designing a beautiful functioning pocket watch that does not have the complicated, intricate madness of the Stull, yet provides a great amount of flexibility and reliability The Geneva Prediction Watch.
Imagine setting your watch to a time that will be determined sometime in the future by a spectator.
Imagine a spectator selecting a random time without you knowing what they have selected and being able to predict this time with 100% accuracy.
Imagine doing the impossible and that is what our Geneva Watch is capable of and more.

You are supplied with a beautiful Hunter's case, gold-tone, working railroad pocket watch that can be used during your daily life, yet, at a moments notice, you can predict a time selected by a spectator.

Instant reset so that you can repeat the effect over and over. No forcing of any kind. Spectator can examine the watch, he can turn the hands; there is nothing for him to find, yet it is cleverly gimmicked to do your bidding.

There is nothing on the market to compare to our Geneva Prediction Watch. Guaranteed fully for one year, but it should last you a lifetime. Comes complete with detailed instructions in a very nice presentation box; gold chain included at no extra charge.

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