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Email Prediction
Email Prediction
Item Number: TB1743



Email Prediction



A spectator is chosen and an email is sent to their address. After the spectator confirms that the message was received the magic begins!

Many effects are possible such as:

A Illusion for both large and small audiences
After sending the email prediction to a spectator you ask five audience members to name aloud a number between 1 and 49 to form a winning lottery number.
The spectator then reads their email and the random numbers exactly match your prediction.

Dream Prediction
Predict three items imagined by a spectator
Again a spectator confirms that your email was received and is in their In box
They are then asked to imagine a vacation any place in the world. The first question is asked:
On what date will you take the trip?
What time does the flight leave?
Where did you dream of going?

After answering the three questions the mentalist asks the spectator to open the email. The message contains three photographs matching their imagined answers.


Do you need an assistant?
All effects are designed to be performed without an assistant but using as assistant will make the effects seem even more impossibile.

Do I need to install something on your computer, mobile or tablet?
No, everything is done through a web interface compatible with most devices and browsers (Safari and Chrome Recommended)

What do I receive after making the purchase?
You receive an email with your personal user ID and password. Instructions for each of the effects are published in private area of the portal.

How many tricks or Illusions include the standard system?
The standard system contains 6 incredible effects.

Can I customize the text of the emails or photos?
Not at the present time.

Can I predict in different Languages?
Yes, you can send mails in the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and very soon in French, Swedish, Italian, and German.

Can I send the mail to more than one spectators at a time?
Yes, there is no limit on recipients

Can I repeat the effect with a different outcome?

Is this the effect performed by David Copperfield?
No, this system is entirely different from what is used by David Copperfield.

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