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Card Cage by Hideki Tani
Item Number: TB2590




Card Cage by Hideki Tani

Card Cage by Hideki Tani

You can perform three effects with this trick: capture a selected card, vanish the card, then make it reappear in a place of the magician's choosing.

The audience selects any card from the deck and places it back into the deck. The magician then shows two cage-shaped cards and puts the entire deck in between the cage cards. The magician then throws the deck into the opposite hand and the chosen card gets captured between the cage cards.

After showing the chosen card, the magician visibly places it back in between the cage cards, then makes it instantly vanish.

The chosen card then reappears, clipped onto the tie pin of the magician's tie (or wherever the magician choses it to appear).

Product includes the cage cards and instructions. The routine requires Tie, Tiepin, and standard Red Bicycle deck (not included).

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