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Longhi Book Test by Olivier Longhi
Longhi Book Test by Olivier Longhi
Item Number: TB2596




Longhi Book Test by Olivier Longhi

This is not just another book test. Lots of effects can be performed with just this book alone. Each book is hand made with over two hours of labor carefully put into each and every one of them. Made of high quality material, this book is designed to last. Four effects are fully described, but the instructions explain another 15 more effects or ideas that can be added. If you are familiar with book tests, you'll understand how powerful this one is, and the potential the principle hides. Here are some of those effects :1st Effect :The spectator rolls a couple of dice on the table, add the faces to obtain a number. Then, he opens a book, freely, anywhere he wants, and memorizes the sentence on the row that matches his number. The magician focuses a few seconds, and start writing on his board. The spectator reads the sentence out loud, and as the magician shows his board, you will realize that it's a match. 2nd Effect : The spectator opens the book wherever he wants, and chooses a row number. He is asked to remember the first word of the row, it does not matter if this is the right or the left page. Once he tells which row number it is, the magician is able to reveal instantly what word is chosen, and it is up to him to make it as magical as possible. 3rd Effect : The magician explains that each one of us have different feelings about books, movies, paintings. However, some people may feel a special attraction for specific objects, and have the ability to recognize them. In order to prove it, the magician asks for a spectator to come on stage. He shows a few books, and the spectator pick one. He opens it anywhere and name the page number. The magician takes the book, and read a paragraph in the page. The paragraph is about a woman that fit the description of the spectator. As he keeps reading, there's a description of the character of the persons that also match the spectator on stage.

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