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Comet By Edo
Comet By Edo
Item Number: TB3107



Comet By Edo

Comet is a multifunctional electronic device to make effects with light in a many different routines. You can use Comet for a routine with your D'Lites. Make a light appear in different places like inside a flower, inside your breast pocket, inside a cup, or inside a bottle of Coke or ... If you use D'Lite then it is a MUST.

Or you can use Comet for a mental routine with a light bulb or a torch. The bulb or the torch will turn on and off at your command. Use it to find a selected card, use it as a lie detector, use it for a séance or ... . Let a spectator hold the torch or the bulb and make them go crazy.

Comet can be used for Close-up, for Stage, for Kids shows, for mental shows ... Comet just makes fun to play around with it or use it in any kind of a magic act. It is so versatile, that it fits in just every kind of show (mental show, kids show, stage performance, restaurant magic ...). Just use your imagination. Only your imagination is the limit.

The facts:
- Comet is a wireless remote controlled light.
- The light is so small that it can be placed in even the smallest places.
- The remote control works with a 9V battery and the remote controlled light comes with a rechargeable battery.
- After a single charge the light can be turned on for about 15-20 minutes.
- Comet works in a range of about 10 meters (30 feet).
- You learn all possible effects and how you can easily prepare a light bulb, a torch and much more.
- Does not need an assistant!
- Can be performed surrounded!
- The remote control is NOT controlled with your hand! Use your hands for performing!

What you get:
- remote controlled light unit
- remote control with integrated recharging system for the light
- 3 different colored lights in red, blue and white
- illustrated instructions with tips, ideas and effects

Don't leave home without Comet!

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