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Search Engine Pen by Jeff Prace
Item Number: TB3209

5 stars


Search Engine Pen by Jeff Prace

Search Engine Pen by Jeff Prace

The most innocent looking Hot Rod EVER! This pen combines the world's most iconic search engine logo and the Hot Rod methodology to create a prop that exerts innocence and performs well.

A spectator selects one of the colors on the pen's multi-colored logo. In a flash, the entire logo changes into the selected color! The pen can be displayed on both sides and be handed out for examination at the end.

-Hot Rod pen
-Additional examinable pen
-Written instruction by Genii columnist Jeff Prace

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As I mentioned last week, I like creative changes to classic tricks. Jeff Prace is a creative young man and I have several of his products, so whenever I see his name on a trick I usually check it out.

Before I even purchased it, I knew I would love the Search Engine Pen. Jeff has combined the classic hot rod with the name of google, on a pen. What could be more organic? A hot rod that makes sense.

I performed this trick last night 20 or 30 times and it absolutely killed. A quick effect with a lot of impact. It had a real wow affect. Best of all, it fits in your pocket.

Some magicians do not like the hot rod force, but I have no problem with it. I do it very casually, as if it doesn’t matter what number the spectator chooses. The real effect is when the letters on the pen change to the selected color.

My only reservation with this trick is that I wish the letters were darker. To compensate for this, I ask the spectator, “What color did you choose? Is that light purple?” Then I cause all of the letters to change to that color. - Jon Jensen's Real World Product Review

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